NOAA's Ship Tracker shows information about the location, present and past, of NOAA's ships. Ship location and the conditions where the ship was located are maintained on this site for one year. There are several ways to customize it and change the settings: Tool box, Map Zooming, Ship and Track Colors

Each ship's current location is indicated by a yellow circle and the ship's initials. When you hover your mouse over a ship location, this window appears describing the current cruise.
Ship Cruise Information
The cruise tracks for each ship are indicated by a red line. The tracklines are shown in green and the ship's location is shown with the yellow dot.
Note: Any portion of the trackline which is displayed in red is a flag to the MOC that the actual activities of said ship do not match the current planned activities as per the SDALs system (points exist which are outside the current schedule). The ship's dot will also turn red.

Map Zooming is near the right-up side. Scroll to move the rectangle object up or down can change the map view smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa. You can also roll your mouse over small images on this page to see them better. To pan, just drag with the mouse.

Tool box is located on the left side, click NOAA Fleet and Layers to show the more options. Click Logout on right-top corner to leave the Shiptracker site.
main tools

There are 3 categories of listed fleet: Pacific, Atlantic and Pacific Island. Uncheck the checkbox can hide or show the fleet on the map, default is to show all fleet.
NOAA Fleet

Fleet Details

This is the ship info window that appears when you click the 'Details' button.
NOAA Fleet Detailed Descriptions

Cruises and Legs

This is the cruise info window that appears when you click the 'Cruises' button and select a cruise and(or) a leg to view. You also have the options to save/export the result to a PDF or an Excel file.
NOAA Fleet Cruises

This option can be expanded to allow you to overlay different layers on the map.
  • Ocean Map (default)
  • Topo Map
  • Streets
  • Imagery
  • Navigation

A valid .gov or .mil email address is required to create the user account before accessing the Shiptracker web site. User can also use the registered email address to recover the user name and password.
Login Page

On the login page, click the link of Create One Now to access the new account page. All fields, Username, Email, First Name, Last Name, Password and Confirm Password are required. Click Send Request and check email for further instructions.
Login and Create a new account

Existing user shall use the registered username and password to login. If login failed, a warning will be shown on the page. You have the options to recover the user name and password. Note: The username is not necessary your email address or FirstName.LastName.

If you forget the user name or password, click the link to send a request to Shiptracker Administrator.
Forget Password
An email with a link to reset the password will be sent to you, please follow the instruction to continue. If you ask to recover the user name, the user name will be shown on top of the email.
If new password is reset successfully, you shall receive a confirmation message online indicating the following steps to re-login.
Reset password confirmation